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Automated production 
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Automation dramatically

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per piece, improve quality

Increase product competitiveness

Automation replaces

​dangerous manual tasks

Increase human safety
Robots instead of humans
24 hours work

Reduce operating costs
  • Machining flexible production line

    Machining flexible production line

    The equipment of this project includes 3 sets of CNC + FMR wireless intelligent forks + 2 loading and unloading stations + 3 sets of tool sub-stations + Siemens PLC + RFID detectio......

  • Mold processing production line

    Mold processing production line

    Project introduction: The equipment of this project includes 8 CNC+KUKA robots+Siemens PLC+servo drive+visual inspection+production line signage+MES management software to help you......

  • Paper production line

    Paper production line

    Project Introduction: This project mainly involves automatic control system design, single equipment and entire line debugging, system transformation and digital integration.