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  • Embedded Software Developer

    Location: Nanjing

    1.Responsible for the embedded software development of company products, including software requirement analysis, architecture design, system design, software coding, debugging, and validation.
    2.Responsible for writing related design and development documents and usage instructions.
    3.Responsible for prototype production, debugging, participating in technical reviews and evaluations.
    4.Participate in technical problem-solving and addressing technical issues.

    1.Bachelor's degree or above in electronics, computer science, automation control, communication, or related fields.
    2.Proficient in software such as Keil, capable of using communication interfaces like IIC, SPI, UART, and familiar with ARM Cortex-M core.
    3.Familiar with MCU architecture and peripheral circuits such as ST, TI, proficient in C/C++ programming.
    4.Familiar with network communication architecture and TCP/IP protocol.【detailed】

  • Hardware Engineer

    Location: Nanjing

    1.Complete the design of product hardware circuit schematics, PCB, material BOM formulation, and guide drawing preparation.
    2.Complete hardware technical solution demonstration, experimental verification, and rectification for new products.
    3.Analyze and test faults in production and application sites, review fault analysis reports.
    4.Prepare product validation tests, inspection technical specifications, and complete proofreading.

    1.Bachelor's degree or above in automation, electrical, electronic engineering, or related fields.
    2.At least 2 years or more of hardware development work experience, priority given to those with independent development and project experience.
    3.Solid foundation in analog and digital circuits, familiar with common embedded controller structures and principles, such as DSP, ARM, familiar with communication principles like RS232, RS485, SPI, CAN.【detailed】

  • Sales Engineer

    Location: Nanjing, Guangzhou

    1.Responsible for providing relevant business and solution offerings for the company's equipment networking data collection, automated production lines, etc.
    2. Engage in project sales, pre-sales support, and communication by providing solutions to customers.
    3. Actively promote and develop customers within the industry.
    4. Maintain existing customers, deeply understand customer needs, and accumulate customer resources.
    5. Other tasks assigned by the company.

    1.Possess good sales skills, priority given to those with large customer resources.
    2.College degree or above in electrical, machinery, automation, or related fields.
    3.Sales experience in industrial control, numerical control, intelligent manufacturing industries is preferred.
    4.Good learning ability.
    5.Strong ability to handle pressure and adapt to business trips.【detailed】

  • Sales Manager

    Location: Nanjing, Guangzhou

    1.Responsible for coordinating with superiors to develop and execute personal action plans.
    2.Responsible for market research, competitor analysis, marketing planning in the relevant area, and regularly providing market information and market expansion suggestions for company decision-making.
    3.Focus on key and potential customers, establish, maintain, and deepen customer relationships, identify their underlying needs, and increase product market share.

    1.College degree or above in electrical automation, numerical control, or related science and engineering fields.
    2.Strong sense of responsibility, affinity, and market development and management capabilities.
    3. Familiarity with Siemens 828D, Fanuc, New Generation, Guangshu, or KND system debugging is preferred.
    4. Good ability to handle pressure and adapt to frequent business trips.
    5. Prior experience in sales and channel management development is preferred.