Support a variety of CNC machine tools, complete data collection
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Data Acquisition Gateway

No freeze, no crash,

​7*24h operation worry-free

High-efficiency heat dissipation solution · shockproof · dropproof

The fuselage is made of

all-aluminum alloy forging

Data acquisition will help achieve seamless integration and interconnection among machine tools.

With its own web server, IPAD and smart phones can access the field equipment through the webpage and monitor the running status of the equipment.

Data Acquisition MDC supports most CNC systems on the market.
Strong networking capability, neither the standard CNC system nor the CNC system that requires secondary development does not require the cooperation of the original manufacturer.
Complete collection of data
Many types, support a variety of CNC machine tools

Equipment fault diagnosis, operation and maintenance management
Assist enterprises in building intelligent production lines and intelligent workshops
Statistical analysis of production, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises