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PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus multi-protocol conversion
Industrial Gateway

Simple operation, no need for special configuration software, 

TIA can be configured in one stop

Support a variety of EtherCAT

drive products

(servo/frequency conversion/stepper)

Each gateway can connect

up to 16 EtherCAT bus drivers

Communication cycle of two bus systems: 2ms, fast response, timely data processing
Support standard telegram 1, 2, 3 and Siemens telegram 111, customers do not need to change programming habits
Support PROFIdrive profile, automatically complete PROFIdrive and DS402 protocol conversion

Slave mode

topology diagram


Master station

mode topology diagram

Transparent communication
Data transparent communication can be realized according to the mapping relationship between PROFINET communication data area and Modbus communication data area.
Stable performance
Passed the PROFINET conformance test certification, EMC conforms to the standard IEC61000-4, and the level of some test items is higher than the basic standard, enhancing the anti-interference performance.
Easy to operate
Just connect the basic hardware, use the configuration software to configure, without complex programming, you can quickly run the device.
Wide range of applications
Support the conversion of PROFIENT Ethernet bus to Modbus or RS232 protocol, and connect any frequency converter, instrumentation, sensor with serial port function to the industrial bus.