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Congratulations! Chengda Industry Obtains IO-Link Test Center Certification, Its Strength Is Once Again Recognized by the International Community!
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In the year of 2024, filled with both opportunities and challenges, Chengda Industry has once again written a brilliant chapter. On the exciting day of May 10th, Chengda Industry officially passed the practical audit of the IO-Link Association and was awarded the IOL-TC Test Center Certification granted by the IO-Link Association. This honor not only signifies Chengda's outstanding strength in the field of industrial internet but also serves as the best recognition of its continuous innovation and unwavering efforts.


Chengda Industry has a profound connection with IO-Link. As early as 2020, the company obtained the IO-Link Competence Center certification, which laid a solid foundation for Chengda's development in the industrial field. In August 2022, Chengda Industry once again passed the review of the IO-Link Committee, successfully continuing the glorious chapter of the IO-Link Competence Center. However, Chengda Industry was not satisfied with the current situation. They continued to delve deeper into the IO-Link technology field and prepared for the IO-Link Test Center certification. After several months of careful preparation and unwavering efforts, Chengda Industry smoothly passed the two rounds of theoretical defense by the IO-Link Association in the second half of 2023. During the practical operation assessment, Chengda Industry demonstrated excellent capabilities, standing out among the competitors in the hands-on testing evaluation conducted by TMG Germany, and successfully obtaining the IOL-TC certificate.

Chengda Industry's acquaintance and understanding of IO-Link technology began with their first encounter at the Hannover Messe in 2016. From obtaining the exclusive domestic agency of TEConcept's IO-Link protocol stack to the current IO-Link Test Center certification, Chengda Industry has maintained a firm stride and unwavering pursuit in the IO-Link technology race. With uncalculated costs and continuous investment, Chengda Industry has made outstanding contributions to the popularization and development of IO-Link technology in China.

Nowadays, IO-Link has become increasingly popular, playing an increasingly important role in various fields such as robotics, automotive manufacturing, lithium battery production, photovoltaic module processing, medical care, 3C, and food production. The number of installation nodes is also showing explosive growth, with promising prospects.

We are fully aware that Chengda Industry's acquisition of the Test Center certification is both an honor and a responsibility. Chengda Industry will continue to uphold the philosophy of "customer first, service foremost" to provide customers with better services and solutions. At the same time, Chengda Industry will also continue to increase its investment and research and development efforts in the field of IO-Link technology, break through more technological barriers, strive to contribute to intelligent manufacturing, and contribute more to the development of the industrial internet.