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LOYST successfully passed the IO-Link test center defense and set another milestone
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Recently, LOYST ushered in an important moment. The good news came that the company successfully passed the defense of the IO-Link test center. This marks that our technical strength and innovation capabilities in the field of industrial communications have been internationally recognized, laying a solid foundation for the company's future development.


As an advanced protocol for industrial automation communication, IO-Link provides an efficient and flexible solution for digital communication between devices. The company's passing the defense of the IO-Link test center is not only a technical honor, but also a high recognition of the strength of our LOYST team. It also means that our IO-Link products and solutions have reached the international advanced level.


During the defense process, the company demonstrated its excellent technical level and innovative capabilities. The company team has performed well in IO-Link standards and protocols and made positive contributions to the development of the industrial communication field. Through the certification of the IO-Link test center, the company's products will be better integrated into international industrial standards and provide customers with more stable and reliable solutions.


Behind this success is the company's long-standing persistence in technological innovation and quality management. We have been committed to promoting the development of industrial automation technology, constantly challenging ourselves, and constantly pursuing excellence. Through the defense in the IO-Link Test Center, our efforts have been most directly recognized, which is a great encouragement and spur to our team.


After achieving this initial victory, the company's team will continue to work hard to promote the development of industrial communication technology. By integrating with international standards, the company will further expand its influence in the global market and provide customers with better, smarter and more reliable industrial communication solutions.