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#LOYST Newsletter# SPS 2023 exhibition report
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On November 14, 2023, the International Industrial Automation and Components Show (SPS 2023) in Nuremberg, Germany was grandly launched. Since 2015, LOYST has entered SPS. Each SPS is an important step for the company to enter the international stage.


At this exhibition, PI and IO-Link International Associations as well as Chengda's partners at home and abroad exhibited LOYST's products and services respectively. This exhibition not only provides a broad display platform for LOYST products, but also demonstrates the technical strength of LOYST products to more international customers, adding new impetus to the promotion and development of LOYST in the international market.

The export of LOYST products abroad not only demonstrates our strength as a leading provider of industrial real-time communications and industrial IoT solutions, but also establishes a more confident image for China's manufacturing industry on the international stage. With the continuous development of  LOYST, I believe that  LOYST's products and technologies will gain more recognition and praise around the world and contribute more to the rise of China's manufacturing industry.