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Packaging Machine Builders are facing new challenges of mass customization and dynamic customer demands , Flexibility,  higher throughput and downtime reduction are key requirements as packaging machine designs drive towards Industry 4.0.  Flexible manufacturing systems need the ability of rapid change-over to new product types, operations resequencing and adjustment to significant changes in volume and capacity. Packaging machines, therefore, need to be modular, adaptive and  agile more than ever. Tradeoffs between capacity and flexibility are no longer an option.


A key ingredient that machine builders have been missing is wireless communication  that can handle high performance and fast motion applications. Conventional  wireless solutions are not suitable for the harsh demands of low latency, scalability  to support (hundreds of sensors and actuators within a single machine area), and  cable-grade reliability. IO-Link Wireless is designed specifically as a standard for high  performance wireless factory automation communication, to address this need.


IO-Link Wireless is designed for real-time control and  monitoring on fast moving machine components in harsh  factory environments. Therefore, it is leveraged for a variety of  solutions throughout the design and development stages of  packaging machines:

·Wireless communication for sensors and actuators that are  mounted on independent movers on transport track systems;  

·Wireless communication for end effectors and linear tracks  of robots and collaborative robots;

·Wireless control and monitoring of sensors & actuators on  modular cells, rotary tables, carousels and other dynamically  rotating components;

·Wireless sensor data collection for predictive maintenance,  machine performance optimization and analytics.

IO-Link Wireless is enabling packaging machine builders to  address the challenging requirements of manufacturers:

①Support a broad range of package variations (size, weight,  shape, material) within a single machine;

②Reduce and eliminate changeover and setup time between  different package types;

③Reduce cost and time-to-market of applying new package  designs;

④Increase machine capacity by performing actions while in motion  ;

⑤Machine footprint reduction;

⑥Simple upgrade/adaptivity for future products  ;

Predictive maintenance & downtime reduction;

Reduction of maintenance costs - less mechanical parts,  less wear out, preventive maintenance;

Hygienic design - reduction of cables, chains, belts  ;

Simplify machine onsite tear-down and assembly.


Independent mover transport track systems are becoming a  key element in the design of new machines in  industries such as consumer packaged goods, food & beverage and automotive. 

However, these movers are prohibitively limited  by the constraints of wired I/O and communication for real-time control and monitoring. 

For example, for controlling  vacuum pumps or grippers that are placed on the movers in order to grab and hold different types of products and to adjust automatically to different weight, 

size ond shape of a product  handled while it's in motion. 

The moving carts also lack the ability to communicate ongoing sensor data for predictive maintenance and analytics on each mover, such as vibration, proximity and weight.

Independent movers can now be integrated with sensors and  actuators through IO-Link Wireless communication.

 This gives  the movers the ability to independently manipulate objects  with a variety of tools such as grippers or vacuum pumps. 

Products can be processed while in constant motion in the  most ogile ond synchronized manner. 

Wireless connectivity also means less mechanical components , reducing machine  footprint and maintenance. 

Changeover and tooling setup time  is reduced to a minimum and condition monitoring capabilities  are easily added through multiple sensors on each mover.


The packaging process often involves rotary applications with multiple work cells stationed around a rotating platform or carousels (such as filling and capping machines) that require multiple sensors and I/Os. 

The rotating nature of suchplatforms makes device connectivity very restrictive, and IO-Link Wireless technology provides the solution for incorporating sensors and I/O directly within the rotating components. 

The wireless connectivity thus reducesmaintenance operations, increases flexibility and enables simple future add-on of multiple I/O's.

Robots and collaborative robots are used aross the packaging line for loading, unloading and placement of products/packages. 

Communication to the end effectors on these robots requires external cabling which can be complex to deploy and costly. 

Cabling also limits the motion and flexibility of the robotic arm and adds to the total payload.

 A wireless solution eliminates the cables and accessories running along the robotic arms, thus increasing flexibility, and reducing maintenance costs and unexpected downtime. 


Measuring and analyzing the packaging line performance helps to improve the quality of the product, reduce waste, increase line speed, prevent unplanned downtime and plan future priorities. 

Such optimization requires collection of meaningful data from numerous sensors in a cost-effective manner on existing and new machines. 

IO-Link Wireless solutions enable optimal data collection from packaging machines from hundreds of sensors within a single machine area. 

It is designed to operate in very harsh environments with interferences, vibrations and noise.

 This allows for simple and cost effective retrofit and revamp of numerous devices on existing machines, and simplifies relocation and upgrades, and new machine deployments. 


The value of wireless communication for machine builders manifests throughout the numerous stages of the machine design, development, delivery, deployment ond ongoing support at the manufacturer's facility. 

The facilities themselves benefit from the wireless connectivity of the Machines through reduced changeover time, reduced downtime and maintenance, reduced footprint, and full flexibility ond modularity.

Innovative and unique wireless communirntion solutions such as IO-Link Wireless are developed by CoreTigo for packaging machinery through partnerships with machine builders, 

industrial equipment manufacturs(transport track manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, gripper/pump manufacturers, etc.)and leading manufacturing facilities. 

These systems are drivingoperational excellence and adaptive manufacturing while stretching the performance of machines to new levels.